Wagyu Sliders - "Ichi Style"


  • Our Wagyu Sliders are the perfect finger food for any occasion! Each patty is hand shaped, resulting in an incredibly tender slider. Grab some buns and dress them up with your favorite condiments. You won't want to share!

  • Our Wagyu burgers, "Ichi(1) Style" are sourced from just one single cow. This sets our beef far apart from the rest because it is crafted with the true meat connoisseur in mind. Where most ground beef is commingled and mixed with beef from sometimes hundreds of other animals, we go the extra mile to process each animal individually so our ground Wagyu beef is from only one animal. The result is extremely safe and nutritious ground beef that your favorite meat lover can appreciate. The out-of-this-world flavor profiles resulting from diet, harvest season and lineage much like the vintages of a fine wine all come through bringing uniqueness to each animal harvested.

  • These cattle spend their entire lives peacefully grazing lush, sunny pastures in beautiful Marion County, Florida and are NEVER given any antibiotics or growth promoting hormones.

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