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For the most memorable beef dishes ever, start with our Full-Blood and High Percentage Cross American Wagyu beef!

Wagyu is an Asian breed of cattle prized for its intensely marbled beef which consists of high percentages of nutrient dense oleginous monounsaturated fats and low cholesterol levels. Wagyu is a Japanese term that simply translates to "Black Cow". The most famous brand of Wagyu is Kobe beef, which is specifically derived from Wagyu cattle born, raised and harvested in a specific region in Japan: the Hyogo Prefecture of which the capital is Kobe. Therefore, all Kobe Beef is Wagyu, but not all Wagyu is Kobe. In fact, Wagyu cattle are now being raised worldwide. 

In the Wagyu world there are basically two Classifications: 

I- "Full-blood Wagyu" (100%) which are the offspring of two 100% Full-blood Wagyu animals that have proven lineage to their Japanese genetics without any history of crossbreeding. Parents verified via DNA testing.  

II- "American/Percentage Wagyu" (50% - 99%) Of the 30,000+ Wagyu influenced cattle in the USA about 85% are crossbred or "Percentage Wagyu", a practice of breeding Wagyu cattle with Angus or other conventional breeds. The higher the percentage of Wagyu genetics, the more prevalent the Wagyu characteristics will be.  

Different classifications of Wagyu aren’t necessarily better than one another, but they are different and will offer very unique flavor and texture profiles. No matter which classification, it all starts with great Full-blood Wagyu genetics.  

The Blue Wagyu features Wagyu Beef via artisnal producers with varying prized Wagyu genetics. When it comes to our High Percentage Crossed Wagyu beef, we only harvest cattle which are classified as F2 or higher crosses. These are the product of a Full-Blood Wagyu Bull and a 50/50 or more than 50% crossbred female. We call this High Percentage Wagyu, rather than the more general term of American Wagyu, since these animals have 75% or higher Wagyu Bloodlines whereas American Wagyu can describe cattle with varying degrees of Wagyu genetics. 

No matter the genetics, all of our Full-Blood and High Percentage Cross Wagyu beef will send your taste buds reeling with its rich, buttery texture, unique complex flavor and sweetly subtle lingering finish. Both our Full-Blood and High Percentage Crossed Wagyu grade well above the USDA Prime Standards all while being suitable for a well-balanced, low cholesterol diet due to cholesterol levels similar to that of chicken and salmon; much less than the common grain finished beef found in commercial grocery stores. 

What sets our Wagyu beef far apart from the rest is that it is crafted with the true meat connoisseur in mind. For instance where most ground beef is commingled and mixed with beef from sometimes hundreds of other animals, we go the extra mile to process each animal individually so our ground beef is from one animal only. The result is extremely safe and nutritious ground beef that your favorite meat lover can appreciate. The out-of-this-world flavor profiles resulting from diet, harvest season and lineage much like the vintages of a fine wine all come through bringing unique flavor profiles to the beef. 

We source our beef from Artisan Cattle's local herd as well as from other Artisans raising Wagyu to our standards. These cattle spend their entire lives peacefully grazing lush, sunny pastures in beautiful Marion County, Florida and are NEVER given any antibiotics or added hormones. That's the Artisan way!!

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